Friday, May 18, 2007

Too good not to share: Katie Sherrod "On Flying Chickens"

I'm still on virtual blogging hiatus as the demands of the regular stuff of parish life and the ongoing saga of "As the Anglican World Turns" have combined to add up to not-enough-hours-in-the-day this week ... and now it is Friday already and with Sunday's pulpit looming just over the horizon my sermon is rattling around in my head very much as-yet-unfinished so I need to focus my attention there.

In a minute.

But first I want to point to the always-marvelous and in this case never-better Katie Sherrod and her insightful reflections on the "News of No New News" out of her diocese -- (that would be Fort Worth) -- this week. So here it is -- word of wisdom on hot air, on turning boots into biscuts and on ...

Flying Chickens
by Katie Sherrod
Did you feel that? It was yet another gust of hot air emanating from the Diocese of Fort Worth.

Yes, our Executive Council voted almost unanimously—apparently one rector dissented—to announce once again that they are mad at The Episcopal Church and are thinking about three ways to leave it. Sounds like a song title, doesn’t it?

There was much fuss stirred up online [courtesy of Ruth Gledhill] about their meeting prior to the issuance of the statement but in the end it came down to nothing new.

First, a reality check: a diocese can’t leave TEC. Individuals can leave. Dioceses can’t leave. Plus, Texas is one of those states where laws “defer” to hierarchical structures of churches in regard to property, and TEC is nothing if not hierarchical.

Now, to the hot air. [click here and ENJOY!]

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