Saturday, May 12, 2007

Here's to "Mother's Day"

Maybe you have to be the mother of two sons to think this is THE most hysterical Mother's Day video ever ... or maybe it IS the most hysterical Mother's Day video ever! Either way ... HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!


Breadandwine said...

No, Susan! Fathers (at least this father) think this is hysterical!

Bateau Master said...

As the younger of two sons ..... this is off the wall funny! Happy Mothers Day to you.

Anonymous said...

As the middle of three brothers (I've been accused of being 'the serious one')...I don't get it


P.S. ...and we ALL would have been in soooo much trouble for making that much noise...

Anonymous said...

best ever!

H M D !

Anonymous said...

I'm the youngest of three boys, and, at 6' 2" and 250 lbs, the smallest. It's a wonder there was anything left of the house. The walls and furnishings certainly did suffer. I laughed out loud at this! Thanks for sharing!