Tuesday, November 04, 2008


First time presidental voter celebrates on Oahu!

(That would be my son, Jamie, who knows how to keep his Mama happy ... he just emailed me this picture in an email entitled: "Yay, I voted!" ...

dear mom

to save you any worries and myself an inquisition, i thought i'd let you know i did in fact vote today, and have photographic proof, being me with my ballot receipt.

love, jim

Let's hear it for the political process ... and email!


Jeremiah Andrews said...

I hope that you are staying up and will blog the outcome of your Prop 8 vote. I am SOOO waiting for you to say that you WON !!!

Let us keep praying.

Jeremy in Montreal.

Caminante said...

Here on the east coast at 1.00 in the morning, the news is talking about Prop 8 succeeding?

My joy will be diminished (the Obama win) if an existing right (to marry for gays and lesbians) is rescinded.

Lainie said...

About young adult children and voting- my oldest, who is now living in NYC, called me twice Tuesday- once from the line (four blocks long) to her polling place, and later on her way home from the election night party. Being from Oregon (where we have vote-by-mail) she hadn't had the poll experience before, and she was really excited to be voting from the old-fashioned booth with the big red lever. She was also excited to be voting _for_ someone rather than against, and she's still floating on air from Obama's win (ah, to be 24 and full of hope again!). My younger daughter called shortly after the race was called for Obama- it was her first vote and she was ebullient. It made me wonder what the future will be like for them, when they've started out their adult lives with an election like this one! Let's pray that the trend will continue to go towards hope, go back towards equal protection and away from fear.