Monday, November 03, 2008

Tick Tock Clock!

It's election count-down time and if you're anything like me you're torn between not wanting to hear another single mumblin' WORD about anything political and obsessively refreshing your news pages to make sure you're not missing anything in these last moments of this historic election cycle.

Here in California we're fighting a two front battle to elect the president who will lead this nation with hope into a future with liberty and justice for ALL Americans AND to beat back the efforts to write discrmination into our state constitution by defeating Propostion 8.

I've still got things to say about All Saints Sunday but for now here are what may be my last words about putting faith into action around the election:


Dear Friends,

On this day before the election, here's one more thing you can do to defeat Propostion 8:

Forward this YouTube link ...
... to ANYBODY who:

[a] is voting No on 8 and ask them to send it on to their networks

[b] may be undecided and will hear these voices and make the right decision

[c] plans to vote Yes on 8 "because of the children" and might think twice

We can do this. You can help.

No on 8!

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