Sunday, March 21, 2010

Giving voice to the hope within us: A new generation of inclusion activists speak out

Walking With Integrity -- Integrity USA's blog -- is always one to keep an eye on but today I call it particularly to your attention for a couple of great reflections from some younger Episcopal voices about the impact of the election and upcoming consecration of Mary Douglas Glasspool.

Some links and excerpts:

A Beautiful, Irreversible Crack -- by Rachel Swan
Some call what has been happening a fracture. I agree. It has been a breaking open, an irreversible crack. A further breaking open in the Body of Christ that perhaps when Jesus said take this, all of you, perhaps all truly does mean ALL. I believe we still have a ways to go, however I cannot ignore this clear and visible sign of God's wild, messy, unsuspecting, outcast including, upside-down inclusive love, faith and trust in people like Bishop Robinson, Bishop Elect Glasspool, and even someone like me.

Pride and Shame -- by Chap Day
One of the signs of the Spirit moving in the Church is that this consent comes on the heels of statements of inclusion and support from a Patriarch so wise that non-believes will turn to listen to him, Archbishop Desmond Tutu. He is like that wise old family member that knows that the love of the God and the true bonds of affection that bind a family together are stronger than sexuality or morality. He understands that it is crucial to our faith to accept GLBT Christians into the fold and to celebrate with Easter joy when one like Mary Glasspool is called to be a Bishop among us. He warns us of the demoralizing and demonic destruction that awaits those who shun the outcast, hate those who differ, and seek legislation to exterminate that which we do not want to understand.
So this is me ... giving thanks for a new generation of inclusion activists, committed to turning the human race into the human family and the full inclusion of ALL the baptized into the Body of Christ. The future is in good hands!

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