Sunday, March 07, 2010

The TAG Conference: Theology After Google

This is what's on my "to do" list next week:

The “Theology After Google” conference is not just about techniques — however important these may be. It will also serve as a top-level forum in which the next generation of American theologians begin to think together about the implications of these new modes of communication.

Marshall McLuhan's famous "the medium is the message" may not have been completely on the mark; still, what we say is affected by how we say it.

During the conference we are challenging pastors, laypersons, and theologians to reflect with the speakers about what it means to do theology after Google. How are the new media changing the nature of human existence and human social connections? How are they transforming human conceptions of God, Jesus, and Christianity? And what will (and should) the church become as a result?

Check it out here ... and stay tuned!


lizziewriter said...

Sounds awesome! Wish I could be there. I hope someone will make the proceedings available, or a transcript, in text. It also sounds like something that needs to be an ongoing observation-and-response affair.

Tripp said...

Glad you are coming to Claremont for the TAG fun! See you soon.