Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Shield the Joyous

"Shield the joyous" is one of the prayers we pray in the Episcopal Church as part of the service of Compline ... the "prayers at the end of the day."

But it was a prayer I prayed today at the beginning of the day as I watched the news reports from Washington DC and the "happily ever after" moments of those starting a new day as married couples, thanks to the dawn of marriage equality in our nation's capital.

Here's one of those couples -- in a "screen shot" from the HRC video posted online earlier today of the weddings and "back stories" of three of DC's first same sex weddings.
So here's another prayer ... now that we're almost to the end of the day ... for all those who have the courage, the love, the commitment and the faith to say "yes" to marriage and to each other "til death do they part:"
Loving God, Creator of all that is good and joyful and beautiful, we pray your blessing now on these unions that have already been blessed by the love that these couples share with each other. Send therefore your blessing upon these your servants, that they may so love, honor, and cherish each other in faithfulness, in patience, in wisdom, that their homes may be havens of blessing and peace.

Shield them in their happiness, nurture their devotion and strengthen their commitment. Forgiver of our faults, help them always to forgive each other. Source of all healing, preserve them in body, mind and spirit. Compassionate One, keep them tender in heart. Finally, in the midst of such abundance and joy as blesses them, let them not forget the needs of others.

Inspire them in the fulfillment of their mutual love to reach out to others in your love. In the name of the One who created us in love, calls us to love and empowers us to love. Amen.


LGMarshall said...

Not really feeling the full joy of this union, something is not quite right.

There seems to be a different sentiment when female/female are joined in 'Matrimony'.

Somehow, the ceremony seems hollow -- but that's just my opinion.

MarkBrunson said...

And a wrong one at that, LG!

dr.primrose said...

You have my sympathy, my brother. I can't imagine the high responsibility of going through all the papers and internet blogs and single-handedly determining which marriages are hollow, which marriages are joyful. It must be exhausting. I'm sure you, like Moses, complain to God that you cannot carry all this by yourself -- the burden is too heavy for you. But I am thankful that you continue on despite the yoke the Lord has placed on you.

uffda51 said...

What a great day for these couples.

IT said...

It made me cry and reminded me of my wedding in 2008. The happiest, happiest day of my life.

What a wet blanket you are, LGM.

Thank you Primrose for your reply.

LGMarshall said...

Didn't know an opinion could be 'wrong'.

[def.:A belief held with confidence but not substantiated by positive knowledge.]

I learn something new every day at Inch At A Time..thanks!)

MarkBrunson said...

It can, when it's based on nonsense.

For instance, one doctor's opinion for someone in my family was that he was suffering from ongoing problems from malaria contracted in his youth. Another, a little state-employed doctor, was of the opinion the main problem was he wasn't tithing at his church.

The second doctor was wrong.