Sunday, June 19, 2011

Another reason I'm grateful to have been healed of my Anglophilia

I once suffered from an acute case of Anglophilia. I had it big time ... Royal Doulton, Earl Grey and Masterpiece Theatre ... just to name a few.

And I've been healed of it. The Windsor Report, Lambeth Conference and "Gracious Restraint" ... just to name a few ... were part of the "reparative therapy" that healed me of my irrational fondness for all things English.

And now here's another one in
today's news from across the pond an article entitled:

Church of England to approve first openly gay bishop which includes:

The legal guidance makes clear that it would be wrong for a cleric's sexual orientation to be taken into account when considering their suitability as a bishop. However, the guidance will say that homosexual clergy should be made to clarify that they are not in an active sexual relationship - effectively make a promise that they are and will remain celibate.

It would also mean candidates for a bishopric being questioned over their previous sex life and asked whether they repent having gay sex. Senior clergy responsible for selecting bishops are allowed to reject openly gay clergy who have not "expressed repentance for any previous same-sex sexual activity" and are not considered to be a focus for unity, it says.
In a word ...(well, in THREE words since it's Trinity Sunday:)


Lesley said...

yes it is crap but hoping you like some things English!


I love LOTS of "things English" ... just not in the same knee-jerk, unexamined way I used to.

(And I ESPECIALLY love my brave colleagues in the struggle who labor across the pond to call "our Mother Church" to account. Hard, hard work and Cheers to you for keeping it going!)

UKViewer said...

I wouldn't write us all off just yet. There is a view held by some people that the position held on Sexual Orientation is unchangeable and not up for discussion.

This is a pretty narrow perspective and will be challenged again and again until it is abandoned.

What we need is an infusion of the Holy Spirit from across the Atlantic to our Bishops to help them along the path to enlightenment.

LGMarshall said...

Brace yourself for more of the same.... as Heir to the British Throne, and future Head of the Church of England, Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge are unwilling to bow to today's domineering Pagan Culture that holds up sexual immorality as beneficial for the the British people.

IT said...

LGM, why are you here, dropping your turd in the punchbowl? )

The British now accept civil unions (soon to be civil marriage) between LGBT people. It is certain that Prince William has LGBT friends who will avail themselves of this. And it is also certain that he's okay with it. I've lived in the UK, they are far less obsessed with this issue than the US is.

Faithful, monogamous gay couples are more sexually moral than a culture of straight celebrity sleeping around and having children outside of marriage. Or do you think we'll all be straight stepford wives if you deny us marriage?

The IMMORALITY comes from denying people the challenge and responsibilities of liviing in faithful monogamy due to hate, fear, or ignorance.

LGM, get over yourself. Don't like gays? Don't be gay. Or maybe there's more to it. As Herman Hesse wrote,

"If you hate a person, you hate something in him that is part of yourself. What isn't part of ourselves doesn't disturb us."


Finally, what does your comment add to discussion? (And why do you impose Susan's hospitality to do it? Susan, I think this has crossed the boundary you established a few weeks back.

uffda51 said...

Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge lived together for nine years before their marriage.

MadPriest said...

Heck, if the rest of the world took the same attitude in respect of American stuff because of the words and actions of some Americans you would be living in the poorest country in the world by now.

Me, I rise above such things. I have continued to watch Hawaii 5-0 despite any of the homophobic laws passed by your state governments in recent years.