Saturday, June 18, 2011

Update from Diocese of Washington

Prayers ascending as the Diocese of Washington elects a bishop to follow +John Chane. Here were the results of the first ballot ...

Episcopal Election in Progress:

341 cast
179 C - 90 needed
162 L - 82 needed

Abrams C 7 L 8,
Budde C 114 L 76
Candler C 31 L 40
Gould C 8 L 9
Harmon C 19 L 29

Gould withdrew after first ballot. 2nd ballot taken … will be announced after lunch break

You can watch the live stream from DC here ... (keep an eye on it for me, will you? I'm off to Santa Barbara for a wedding! :)

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JCF said...

Congrats and blessing upon Bishop-Elect Budde!