Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Prop 8 Ruling brings “liberty & justice for all” a little closer

[Of COURSE I had a comment on today's Prop 8 ruling!]

Today’s ruling by Chief Judge James Ware rightly rejected the ridiculous effort by supporters of marriage discrimination to invalidate Judge Vaughn Walker’s Prop 8 ruling because of his sexual orientation.

“How great is it that this ruling came on Flag Day!” said the Reverend Susan Russell, a Senior Associate at All Saints Church in Pasadena and the chair of the LGBT Program Group in the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles. “What a perfect day to take another step toward turning ‘liberty and justice for all’ from a pledge we make to our flag to a reality we live in our nation.”

“There is still much work to be done to undo the injustice of Prop 8 and to secure marriage equality for same-sex couples. But today’s ruling makes it clear that homophobia has no place in our courts and we will continue to work to make it clear it has no place in our churches.”

“What we need to build strong families is a Protect Marriage Movement that protects all marriages and a Family Values Coalition that values all families. Today’s ruling is just one step toward that goal but it is an important and encouraging one. We rejoice in it even as we look forward to the day when all married couples will have the equal protection guaranteed by our Constitution and marriage discrimination will at long last be relegated to the dustbin of history. “

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