Friday, June 17, 2011

Some bits and pieces from a busy day (weekend? life?)

Today qualified as a busy day. I was up at 5 to get to the airport by 6 for a 7am flight to Las Vegas where the HRC Leadership Summit was convening ... and I'd been invited to come speak about our work with the HRC Religion Council. Great people ... important work ... and what a privilege to be part of it!

Meanwhile, in New York marriage equality inched a little closer to reality ... here's a bit from the just-posted NYT piece:

ALBANY — Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo said Friday that he expected same-sex marriage legislation to be approved before the end of the legislative session next week, and indicated that to win passage of the measure he is prepared to yield to Republican concerns for greater protections of religious groups.

“I am a proponent of marriage equality, and I’m working very hard to make that a reality in New York,” Mr. Cuomo told reporters on Friday as lawmakers prepared to go home for the weekend. “I am also a proponent of religious freedom, and separation of church and state, so these are both very important principles. I don’t see one in competition with the other.”
Read the rest here ... and stay tuned!

It was a quick turnaround from Vegas ... I was back to the airport by 3 and home by 5:30 ... grateful to be flying Southwest and not United (which was experiencing some kind of computer glitch that had folks lined up around the block.) Finished my "Trinity Sermon" on the plane on the way home and looking forward to kicking off a three week interfaith preaching series ... a first for All Saints Church (from our parish blog:)

This Sunday is not only Father’s Day, it’s TRINITY SUNDAY – and this year we’ll be celebrating for the next three Sundays with three very different preachers in the All Saints pulpit!

June 19 - Susan Russell will “recalculate” The Trinity in a sermon entitled "Our Strength, Our Courage and Our Freedom" at 7:30, 9:00 & 11:15.

June 26 - long-time friend and prophetic Muslim leader Dr. Maher Hathout will preach as part of the nationwide Faith Shared celebration.

July 3 - we will welcome our Rabbi-in-Residence, Rabbi Leonard Beerman for our annual Independence Day celebration.

Don’t miss the chance to be part of this historic interfaith preaching series as we proclaim from our different traditions our common commitment to God’s love, justice and compassion.
AND ... (yes, there's more!) ... tomorrow I get to go to Trinity Church in Santa Barbara where Louise and I will be guests at the wedding of Mark Asman and William Wood ... just another day in paradise! (More later, alligators!)

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uffda51 said...

Mark Asman is my mother-in-law's favorite priest. Mazeltov!