Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"Good Christian Belle" Kristin Chenoweth on why she's "pro-gay"

I don't really like the term "pro-gay" ... but that's the way the Joy Behar show promos this spot with actress Kristin Chenoweth talking about her faith, about her support for LGBT equality and her new series "Good Christian Belles" (incidently being filmed in part on the All Saints Church campus here in Pasadena. Go figure!)

Anyway ... check it out ... she's great. (And I particuarly like her line about how reading the Bible is like eating fish: you eat the meat but don't choke on the bones!)


Bill Locke said...

I enjoy Kristin Chenoweth as a singer and actress, and welcome her open and affirming spirit in the interview. And I can't help but notice, mostly with amusement, that she begins by saying, "If Jesus were alive today..."

Bill Locke said...

I realize I didn't sign my previous comment. Sorry.

Bill Locke
St. Paul's, Pawtucket RI