Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Deep in the Heart of TEXAS!

Some Breaking News from the Lone Star State:

So it's been a very busy Tuesday and I have one more meeting (at 7pm) and while I'm getting my ducks in a row for that I get an email "Subject: Big News from Texas" and I think "Yeah, well, isn't everything big in Texas?"

And it turns out to be the release of a 124 page paper entitled "Unity in Mission" from the Episcopal Diocese of Texas WITH a FAQ sheet on how they will move forward with the blessing of same-gender unions if/when resources are approved in Indianapolis. Seriously. Check it out!

From the Press Release: Texas Bishop Announces Plan to Navigate Proposed Rite
The Bishop of Texas, C. Andrew Doyle, announced his response to the likely approval at this summer’s General Convention of the blessing of same-gender covenants today at a special meeting of diocesan clergy. Bishop Doyle outlined his plan to help unify the Diocese of Texas, addressing both liberal and traditional congregations’ positions at the gathering at Camp Allen April 24.
Bishop Doyle began working with former Secretary of State James Baker in 2010 to develop the outline of his plan. He has since received support for his leadership from people in the diocese who represent the broad diversity of opinion on the blessing of same-gender covenants.

“My plan does not ask for further debate or require approval,” Bishop Doyle told the clergy gathered at Camp Allen. “I have not asked people to change their positions or even to like the plan that I am setting before us,” he explained. “It is my deepest desire to offer a generous breadth of pastoral care for our members throughout the diocese. “
Unity in Mission -- A Paper on Common Mission and the Challenge Posed by Division
FAQs -- Frequently Asked Questions

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Interestingly enough -- at least to me -- is there has been NO reaction from the folks over at Titusonenine to this rather major development in the Diocese of Texas ... and our friends across the aisle (WAY across the aisle!) over at Stand Firm are [a] outraged as ususal about the heretical apostasy of the Episcopal Church in general and the Diocese of Texas in specific but also kind of [b] obsessed about whether or why the Diocese removed the PDF of the bishop's report from their website. (It's still there as far as I can tell ... no idea what THAT's about.)

Anyway ... onward to Indianapolis! Tick Tock!