Friday, April 06, 2012

Transgender Deacon Shares Life Changing Story

What a great way to end a Good Friday ... with a link to this local news segment from CBS-Sacramento on the work and witness of Deacon Carolyn Woodall. Well Done!

Transgender Deacon Shares Life Changing Story
This story is extremely rare. In fact, there are only a handful of Episcopal clergy members that are transgendered in the world.

Click here to watch the segment ... (I couldn't get the "embed" feature to work for some reason!) ... and give thanks for the witness Carolyn offers on this Good Friday to God's inclusive love available to absolutely everybody!!

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Indie Pereira said...

I happened upon her little church when I was visiting my hometown of Sonora, CA (looks from the report like they've moved over the ajoining town of Jamestown). They were meeting in a senior center and I remember Carolyn leading the music. It was the most welcoming, comfortable church I've ever happened upon. They were genuinely friendly and didn't have any of the level of discomfort in meeting new people that pretty much every other church displays (however intentional they are trying to be about being welcoming). I wonder if she's a transitional deacon or if she plans to go on the the priesthood. This church is in the Diocese of San Joaquin which of course took a hit when most members left a few years ago. The priests when I visited (one of them is in the video) had come out of retirement to help the parish. From what I understand this parish actually legally owns the historic and iconic Red Church in Sonora.