Monday, April 16, 2012

Meanwhile, across the pond:

h/t to Titusonenine on this one ... the Guardian has an article on fixing the leak problem over at the CofE before selecting a new archbishop. From the piece:
An inquiry into the 2010 leak was carried out by Lady Fritchie, a crossbench peer, but its findings were never published. A Church of England spokesman said on Sunday the report was never intended to be made public and was "a private document for the archbishop and CNC members".

The spokesman added that there were no plans to start a fresh investigation into the 2010 leak. "In these sorts of situations anyone on a committee could theoretically have spoken to a third party who then passed it on. That means we are talking about potentially hundreds of people," he said.
Maybe it's just me but ... theoretically ... I would think that getting off your butts and having those conversations in order to ensure the integrity of a process as important as the selection of the next Archbishop of Canterbury might be a better use of time than ... oh, let's just pick trying to cram the proposed Anglican Covenant down the throat of the wider Communion.

But maybe that's just me.

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David said...

seems like 'transparency' and the incredible Spirit it releases are not quite yet values of Anglican culture.
what are they so afraid of, I wonder?