Monday, October 08, 2012

"Putting the Details into 'DUH!'"

This morning I talked to my younger son for about 30 minutes. He wanted to know how I was doing; I wanted to know how his work was going; he asked how the dogs were; I asked if he'd gotten that new puppy yet. And then somewhere along the line the election came up. And he said -- my Brian said: "Don't the Romney people get that he's a Bush clone who will tank the economy all over again? Duh!"

"Duh!" indeed! And here's a great video clip that puts the details in the "Duh!"


Pat Klemme said...

Concise and entertaining. And so DUH!

Thanks. I needed this.

Pat Klemme said...

What a smart son you raised! This is concise and entertaining, and please accept my hat tip as I add it to my blog next.

Thanks :)