Saturday, October 20, 2012



Years ago
when we were going through a tough time
a dear friend helped me understand
that feelings are sometimes like weather
that you can’t control
you can’t avoid
and you most certainly can’t wish away.

my friend helped me understand
when feelings are like weather
you just have to let the front blow through
batten down any hatches that need battening
put on your galoshes if you have to
and wait for the weather to change.

it is the nature of weather to change
and so it will
and it does
and I learned that then
and I’m working to re-learn that now
and to trust that still
while being grateful for good friends
willing to wait out the weather with you
when you need them to.


Mel said...

Oh, Susan, how well I know what you are saying. Grieving the death of a spouse is so up and down. And one never knows when a storm is going to blow in and knock one to one's knees. They do, indeed, come out of the blue! The thing is that they do pass, eventually. It is just that when you are in the storm it hurts, sometimes worse than at the first because the numbness is gone.

Ann said...

And usually the smallest thing will trigger tears. A funny habit that is no longer there, a place setting not needed anymore ----

janinsanfran said...

That good description helped me; I hope it is helping you!