Friday, January 19, 2007

Mark Harris Rocks (Again!)

The ever-erudite Mark Harris once again " 'splains it all " in a way that makes such sense one wonders why the rest of us bother with all this blogging nonsense and don't just put up a link that says "What Mark Said."

That said, here IS the link to one of the latest things that Mark said -- a wonderful essay on The Vocation of the Episcopal Church. You can read it here ... and you should ... and would that we had listened to his words of wisdom from 1999:

“If those in our Church who cannot reconcile themselves to a polity that does or will make decisions contrary to their own best sense of God’s will, then they have every business leaving. There is an honorable history of convinced Christians doing so. But it must be clearly understood that any effort by them to wrest from this church its mission, people, name, churches, funds or agencies will be met with authoritative, clear and resounding resistance.”

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