Thursday, January 18, 2007

Our Bonnie Writes Over the Ocean ...

ENS is reporting:

House of Deputies President Bonnie Anderson has written to the Anglican Communion's Panel of Reference and Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams "to clarify apparent misconceptions regarding the polity of The Episcopal Church reflected in the content and recommendations" of its recent report about the Diocese of Fort Worth.

The article, along with the full text of President Anderson's letter is here.

Interestingly, Daily Episcopalian (which offered its own comments on the lack of foundation for the Panel of Reference's Recommendations the other day) is reporting that the president's letter was "leaked" to the Stand Firm folks and, as always, asking some good quesiton about that as well. (Find the Stand Firm article here.)

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Jim said...

I am struck by the thought that in electing two women to be presiding bishop and president of the deputies, we have found a couple willing to stand up to the bullies. Mayhaps the Church of England should borrow one of our ladies as a new archbishop.

On the record, the ladies have more umm.... errr,,,, backbone.