Saturday, January 13, 2007

Report from the Front

I talked to my kid today ... the one in Iraq. He's good. Appreciated the extra thick wool socks from Orvis I sent for his birthday. Turns out it's "freakin' cold" flying helicopters around northern Iraq this time of year. Actually, they've been "weathered in" quite a bit lately, which he finds frustrating and I like just fine.

He's looking forward to coming home on leave in April. Talked to Grandma the other day. Heard on the news that Beckham is coming to L.A. to play soccer and thought that was way cool.

Also heard on the news about the president's January 10th "Surge Speech" and had a couple of questions for me, starting with:

"What the hell is he thinking?"

"Doesn't anybody care that the people on the ground here are pretty much unanimous that sending more troops isn't the answer?"

"Wasn't there a report from that Iraq Study Group that actually consulted with the military? What happened to their recommendations?"

And finally,

"Isn't there a law somewhere that he has to actually listen to people who know what the freak they're talking about when it comes to decisions like this?"

The only answer I had was, "No, sweetie -- I wish there were but there isn't."

His response?

"That sucks."

I couldn't have said it better myself.


Ann said...

Not thinking is the answer. Your son for President!Prayers and holy angels surround him and all in Iraq.

Fred said...

Way to go, Jamie!

Lisa said...

Did you hear Michael Feldman's "take" on this yesterday on NPR? He said the Prez read the Iraq Study Group's report, but neglected to "read for comprehension." (Funnier when he said it than when I write it here, but it did make me laugh out loud!)

Our President seems determined to prove that, indeed, any idiot can become President of the United States.

But, seriously, prayers for your son's safety!