Sunday, February 01, 2009

"And another thing ..." (More on the CNN/U-Haul story)

I know I wrote about this last week, but just got this clip of the CNN Headline News segment I virtually wasn't on talking about Ted Haggard's fall from grace.
Here's the panel ... pastor, psychologist and priest ...

... and here's the little clip I have ... it starts just after the show's host, Jane Velez-Mitchell asked the question, "Jim Beck, what's your explanation for this man's behavior?"

... and if I'd been able to finish the sentence it would have been with the words: "... somebody whose real problem is not his sexual orientation but his theological orientation!"

But, no ... it was back to the U-Haul chase!

Oh well ... easy come, easy go.

But this whole exchange is definitely informing the sermon I'm working on for next week ... "Demons and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!" ... and I was totally thinking this morning in church when Ed preached a WAY kick-butt sermon that what he was talking about needing to "exorcise" from the church was exactly what we were heard from Pastor Jim Beck -- who maintains homosexuality is "no worse a sin than adultery."

Like I said last week: If we can aspire to post-partisan politics we can aspire to post-homophobic religion!

In closing, turns out there's a link to email the show if you want to express an opinion about anything -- including making an AWOL U-Haul into national news. (I'm just sayin' ...)

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Lindy said...

You were great on that. And I wrote in a little thing saying "Get that priest back on."