Wednesday, February 11, 2009

On the 20th Anniversary of +Barbara Harris' Consecration:

Church of England inches closer to approving women bishops

By Matthew Davies

[Episcopal News Service -- London] The long and arduous road towards accepting women bishops in the Church of England became an inch shorter February 11 as the General Synod passed a motion to send a draft measure on the matter to a revision committee that will spend the next 12 months reworking the legislation.

The draft measure has two principal objectives: "to give the General Synod power to make provision by canon allowing women to be consecrated as bishops; and to set out the legal framework for the arrangements to be made for parishes which, on grounds of theological conviction, feel unable to receive the ministry of women."

The synod was not asked to amend the draft legislation, only to decide on whether it should be "considered for revision in committee." With a majority affirming that decision, synod members now have until March
16 to submit proposed amendments for review by the revision committee.

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