Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Q. What exactly do radical reappraisers do during Lent?

A. EXHIBIT A: All Saints Church's "Lenten Toolkit 2009" Blog


It was a question that came from a commenter on one of the posts over at Titusonenine, and while the odds are it was intended as a rhetorical one, I decided answering it in this forum would be a great way to publicize our "new for this Lent" blogspot.

For the last few years we have produced a "Lenten Toolkit" offering weekly reflections from All Saints Church staff members -- but this year we've turned it into an online site with opportunites for reflection and conversation ... plus links to sermons, etc.

So come and check us out. Bookmark us and visit during Lent. Add your thoughts and reflections as we journey together these 40 days that lead to the Easter. And give thanks for the questions along the way that offer both the challenge and the opportunity to respond to the faith that is within us.

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