Sunday, May 31, 2009

From yesterday's "Meet In The Middle" Rally in Fresno

The marvels of modern technology! I was able to listen to the "Meet in the Middle" rally on streaming video on my laptop ... grabbed my little video cam when our friend Rabbi Denise Eger stepped up to the podium ... captured this great "sound bite" from her excellent address ... and now here it is -- loaded up on Blogger for all the world to hear!

And let the people say: AMEN!


Karen said...


I have no doubt that her remarks were worthy of an "Amen", but there was no sound when I played the clip. Picture was just fine.



Hmmm ... I just tried it from the blog and it worked fine for me. Not sure what's up with that!

Karen said...

Sorry. The problem seems to be on my end.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

I heard her, loud and clear. She's wonderful. Thanks for this, Susan.

BTW, did you hear that the first lesbian woman has been named bishop in the Church of Sweden? This is a huge first and yet there's been radio silence. Not even our opponents are talking about it.

Could it be that it's much more exciting to have a 'cutie' hetero priest leave Rome after a steaming scene with a woman right out of "On the Beach" and join our church than the first lesbian bishop in the whole world?

I'm just asking.

Jim said...

Audio worked fine here.

Yup, time for a new campaign in California. And some litigation -- surely the Roman Catholics and Mormons (talk about strange marriages!!!) violated the conditions for their tax exempt status.