Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Video of Last Night's Prop 8 Rally

I spent the day "behind the Orange Curtain" today (AKA in Orange County!) as we (Douglas Hunter and I) took our lesbian priest/Mormon filmmaker show on the road and did screenings and discussions of "The Constant Process" with students at Irvine's Northwood High School as part of their Human Rights Week.

Here's another film for your consideration -- a short doc on last night's Prop 8 Rally here in L.A. It was such an honor to be part of the clergy contingent on stage with the SCLC's Reverend Eric Lee ... check it all out here:


Neil Houghton said...

This excellent. Going on my blog. Positive. Moving forward. Well crafted.

SCG said...

Thanks for sharing this. Love will prevail.

LGMarshall said...

Again (yawn).... traditional Bible believing Faithful Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus... all say -- We love you, please enjoy equal rights and protection under the Law... but..."It's not a Marriage".

We reserve the Right to call the unique union, of 1 Man and 1 Woman.... "Marriage".
You cannot fault us for upholding time-honored religious beliefs, you cannot fault us for not approving of uni-genital relations when our God teaches against it, and you cannot fault us for not approving of your appropriating your same-sex union to our God sanctioned covenant called 'Marriage'.

Please gather all your creative intelligence, and Define your own, Unique same-genital Relationship Contract. I know you will all breath a sigh of relief when you decide to acknowledge your unique relationships -- and name it according to your own experience. We wish you all the best.

Not all relationships qualify as a 'Marriage'. As it happens, we're all asked to put constraints on our sexual unions.... not just you.

By definition, it's not a Marriage.

DavidJustinLynch said...

NEWS ITEM - Two very heavyweight lawyers, one a liberal (David Boies) and one a liberterain-style conservative (Ted Olsen), representing a same-sex couple, have filed a lawsuit in Federal Court in San Francisco seeking an injunction against the State of California against the enforcement of Prop 8 claiming it deprives their client of a fundamental right and violates the equal protection clause of the US Constitution. In my opinion as a lawyer, this is the most solid argument one can make on this issue, and if anyone can get this done, it is these dudes--both have many years of experience with constitutional issues before the US Supremes. Unfortunately, the "professional activists" in the same sex marriage movement are condemning rather than supporting thier efforts--to them it is not "politically feasible" to take this route because supposedly, the stars are not aligned on the US Supremes to make this happen. I disagree. While there are four problem justices, there are four (including Sotomayor when confirmed) who are likely to vote in a proper manner. Justice Kennedy, the swing vote, has reliably supported equal rights for lesbians and gays as shown by his opinions in a case in Texas declaring its sodomy statute unconstitutional and another in Colorado involving discrimination against gays and lesbians. Let's pray for David and Ted and wish them success!


LG --

Key quote from your comment:

"We reserve the right ..."

Key point from our context:

We deny your right to reserve that right.

We deny the power of the heterosexist paradigm to continue to oppress LGBT people and relegate us to a second class anything.

Lester Mattox "reserved the right" to keep the schools segregated.

He failed.

So will you.

Neil Houghton said...

Rights are NOT reserved by anyone. Civil Rights are granted by the Government. Human Rights are granted by our creator. The former we have had to fight to win. We will fight to win this one. The later is freely given. God is love and love for all, not some.

MarkBrunson said...

LG, I'm still unconvinced by your definition of marriage that you people really know what love is.