Friday, May 22, 2009

Here comes the "other shoe!"

California "Decision Day" is Tuesday ... May 26 ... stay tuned for more info as it comes in! Meanwhile, here are some links from our friends at California Faith for Equality:

By 10:00am on Tuesday, 36,000 of our community will know if their marriages will continue to hold legal standing. Thousands more will know if our Constitution really protects all Americans.

We have been waiting for months, but we have not been idle. Our faith and LGBT communities across the state are prepared to act for and celebrate justice. Here are three things you can do to be prepared for Decision Day and the days after:

Sign up for National Center for Lesbian Rights text service to know exactly when and how the Decision comes down.

Dial in with hundreds of other people of faith on Friday @ 10am. RSVP to for call-in information.

Attend a Decision Day event in your area and Meet CA Faith for Equality in the Middle at our "Faith Tent." You can find Decision Day events listed in the websites in the right column.
And here's where I'll be on Tuesday.


Obie said...


I have copied your post in its entirety into my own blog:
I have also added your blog to my blogroll. Good luck!!

IT said...

Of course at this point I feel almost physically sick about the whole thing. I don't do anticipation at all well.

Cany said...

I am holding out for a celebration (IT!) at the event I will be attending that night here in OC.

Keep your chin up, IT.

IT said...

Thank you cany.