Saturday, September 04, 2010

Add this one to your "Fun Facts to Know & Tell About Marriage Equality"

In the last three years 21 state supreme court justices and 2 federal judges have ruled on marriage equality. 17 of them have decided in our favor. Only one of them is gay. 10 of those are Republicans.

[thanks to Christopher Gable]

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Bruce said...

Real Republicans (mostly called Libertarians, these days) understand that basic rule of constitutional law that the government must demonstrate a compelling state interest to restrict a fundamental right.

It is also ancient legal history in this country that the right to marry is a fundamental right. So far, no one has demonstrated a compelling state interest in restricting that right to couples of different genders, any more than restricting it to couples of the same race. Upholding one person's concept of marriage, to the exclusion of someone else's, doesn't meet the test or, as some of the decisions used to say, "pass Constitutional muster."

Real Republicans understand this. It's a shame that there are so few left in the Republican Party.