Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Almost Heaven, West Virginia ...

So my email is down this morning and the boatload of things I need to do that require email are going to have to wait until our Web Wizard waves his magic wand around and gets it going again. The "up-side" of not launching immediately into the "to do" list was checking out the "breaking news" in Episcopal Church Land and ... to quote Elizabeth Kaeton "Lookie here:"

September 14, 2010

W.Va. Episcopalians consider blessing same-gender relationships
By Kathryn Gregory
The Charleston Gazette

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- Delegates to the Episcopal Diocese of West Virginia's annual convention voted this week to allow the church to bless same-gender relationships.

The resolution was submitted by the Rev. Ann Lovejoy Johnson, associate rector of St. John's Episcopal Church in Charleston. It "urges our Bishop to honor same-gender relationships by supporting public rites for the blessing of same-gender relationships in congregations where such blessings are supported and so desired."
Yep. West Virginia. Read the rest of the Charleston Gazette article here and also check out Elizabeth's great blog on the story here.

And now -- having just gotten a text message from St. Nader of Eldahaby (the aforementioned Web Wizard) that our email server will be back up in about 5 minutes, I must refocus my attention on the pile of work on my plate to get finished before I leave for Phoenix and the House of Bishops meeting this weekend. But I'll be packing for that meeting with John Denver singing in my head and a sense that we may just have arrived at that "tipping point" we've been heading toward down a VERY long "country road" to justice!

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