Saturday, September 25, 2010

Welcoming a New Arrival at All Saints Church!


After many months of gestation, including much tender care, feeding and nurturing from our fabulous website team -- and with a little "Lamaze breathing" through the final server migration phase last night -- we are thrilled and excited to announce the arrival this morning at 12:39 a.m. of a bouncing new website for All Saints Church in Pasadena.

Team and website are doing fine -- and the new arrival is receiving visitors here.

While there will be much more content to add and expand -- including the extensive sermon and presentation archives still under reconstruction on the new server -- we are excited about the opportunities this new era of communication will open for All Saints and looking forward to watching "our baby" as it grows, expands and matures in the weeks and months to come.

Here are a couple of snapshots to show off our new baby:

Worship is the center of our life at All Saints Church and it is from that center that we respond to God’s call to put our faith into action. All Saints is a place where inclusion is expected, where people of all faiths are welcomed and where we continually live into the challenge of expanding our capacity for diverse and dynamic celebrations of God’s inclusive love.

"Our Community" is where to start to explore and connect with the many ministries, program and small groups in the All Saints Church community -- from local to global.

"About All Saints" connects you with everything from our mission & vision to directions to the campus to staff directories to our wider church networks to ... well, check it out.

At All Saints Church putting our faith into action is a core value, so the new website has a dedicated "Take Action" section that not only gives information on specific Sunday actions (this week is voter registration) but also pages with deeper resources for ongoing actions, such as ...

... Interfaith Work, where you'll find not only archived resources about our commitment to interfaith work and witness but a way to get involved in our still-evolving "Islam 101" program scheduled for this fall.

Our design team worked very hard to create a website that would resource the needs of congregation members and leaders with pages dedicated to administration, resources and ministries ...

... while equally welcoming the newcomer and visitor looking to find out more about all Saints Church and find their way toward us ... either on campus in Pasadena or on the web as a "long distance member."

These are just the tip of the iceberg! Visit to explore — and stay tuned for even more exciting additions in the weeks and months to come!

With thanks to all who’ve worked so hard to make this long-dreamed of new web presence a reality! Our website is yet-another-way for us to proclaim the Good News of God’s inclusive love to world in desperate need of it as we work to turn the human race into the human family — one ―link at a time!


MikeC said...

Cool! Nice Design.

Unknown said...

Great site! I love it!