Monday, September 27, 2010

GREAT spot on CNN with the Reverend Carlton Pearson

"It grieves me that we treat people the way we do once they stop impersonating who they aren't." -- The Reverend Carlton Pearson on ministering to and with LGBT people.

[Sorry about the 15 second ad first ... it's what you get from CNN but worth waiting through.]

And I'm honored to serve with this great witness to God's inclusive love on the HRC Religion Council!!


LGMarshall said...

Rev. Pearson seems confused... why does he use the words 'fallen' when describing those that have gay sex? If it's not sinful, then why the hushed tones?

Also he's seems confused about other religions too, he says "all faiths are heaven bound"....

Why did Jesus get crucified then, if all go to Heaven? Would you have your son killed for no reason? It defies logic.

note: There is no Orthodox Religion that teaches that those outside of the Religion are also Saved. But... I guess you can make up your own religion if you want to...but the Question remains... will God honor our re-dos?


Welcome back.

Watch the video again. Carlton+ doesn't talk about "gay sex" ... he talks about sexual sin -- infidelity and adultery. He specifically says "the issue isn't homosexuality -- it's human sexuality."

Being gay isn't the problem. Married people having sexual relationships with people they're not married to is the problem. AND exploiting young people under your pastoral care is the problem ... regardless of orientation.

If you really want my opinion on why Jesus was crucified, see this sermon I preached a few years ago on Good Friday ... still one of my favorites. It's called "Jesus Saves:"

Finally, on the who's going to heaven thing, Rev Pearson actually caught the same kind of flak for his position that our Presiding Bishop and the Pope caught for theirs.

In other words, he's in pretty good company!