Thursday, December 30, 2010

42 "Feels Like" 34?????

Those are not words we hear too often around these parts. "Forty two, feels like thirty four" I mean. I realize by Chicago, Minneapolis, Rochester or Arctic Circle standards that's practically balmy but this is L.A. Our houses aren't insulated for it, our closets don't have coats for it and -- well, it's kind of throwing us for a loop.

Heat, smog and drought ... we get.
Wildfires, mudslides and earthquakes ... yep, we get those. (Don't like 'em but we "get" them.)
But "42 feels like freakin' 34?"
Not in our vocabulary.
Except it is today.

In a word .... Brrrrrrrrrrrrr!

P.S. -- And no, we will NOT be camping out on Colorado Blvd. waiting for the Rose Parade tomorrow. Not for all the tea in China or coals in Newcastle.


MarkBrunson said...

We've had a week or so of twenties, and 34 "feels like" 42 is more the norm, so I understand where you're coming from.

Snuggies. Space heaters. Humidifiers (really help to spread the warmth!) and keep wrapped up.

IT said...

The weather channel tells us that it is "38, feels like 33" in coastal San Diego right now. And tonight's low is supposed to be 39!


Patricia Brush said...

Up here in Ottawa, Canada, it is 37. Tomorrow is supposed to be 41. We should be in the neighbourhood of -20. It's hard on our trees; they need their winter nap.

Tomorrow I leave for vacation in Sedona AZ. Checked the weather forecast to find that the temps in Sedona currently match the temps in Ottawa!