Monday, August 29, 2011

In case you need another reason to be an Episcopalian ...

... there's this "Quote of the Day" from Tobias Haller:

"There was a wonderful series of interviews with church leaders a few years back after a swath of hurricanes went through Honduras.

All were asked 'Why these terrible storms?'

The local evangelical church leader said, 'God is punishing the people for their waywardness.'

The Italian incumbent noted, 'God is testing His people.'

The Episcopal Bishop (Leo Frade, now in Florida) said, 'It's hurricane season.'"

-- the Rev. Br. Tobias Haller

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Jan Tossman said...

I love this site/blog! I love the message of equality for all and the worth of every individual. My son is a wonderful gay man who deserves equal rights, respect, marriage if he desires, and admiration for the fine man he is and the accomplishnents he's made. Thank you for expressing so honestly what many others fear to say aloud and in such an open forum. I have recently discovered St. Nicholas, an Episcopal Church in our area of IL., and find it refreshing to enjoy fellowship with open minds and hearts, rather than those who are narrow and rigid in their thinking. We need more love and understanding in this world!!!