Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Saint Andrews in Denver, Colorado, to offer Same Sex Blessings

h/t to Titusonenine for this one:

The parish self-description from their website is:
We are an inclusive, welcoming community with a historic and ongoing commitment to outreach, traditional worship and music shaped by our Anglo-Catholic heritage, and a growing number of children.
In a recent newsletter rector Elizabeth Randall says:
With the Bishop’s permission and by resolution of the vestry, St. Andrew’s is now a parish where the blessing of same-gender relationships may take place. Blessings are available to active members of the parish, and will use the liturgy provided by the diocese. Couples who are interested in seeking a blessing should contact the rector. Many thanks to the vestry task force who guided our discernment process, and to all those who told their stories and offered their views during this time. This is an important milestone in the life of our community, and I am grateful to share this moment with you.
News that one might say, "Makes the heart glad."


JCF said...

News that one might say, "Makes the heart glad."

Um, I'm thinking T1:9 didn't so editorialize? (unfortunately)


Nope. But there used to be two columns in "The Anglican Digest" ... Makes the Heart Glad and Makes the Heart Sad ... so I like to use that whenever appropriate!

susankay said...

Well done, "Rob our Bishop"!