Friday, May 25, 2012

The CofE throws out the baby of historic Anglicanism with the bathwater of misogyny

I'm behind -- on everything from blogging to bill paying and just about everything in between. But I couldn't let the latest craziness in the Church of England go without comment. And since I don't have time to come up with my own, here's Andrew Brown's from "Comment is Free" in the Guardian ...
The present code of practice makes it possible for parishes to reject the ministry of women but it was introduced in the clear expectation that such parishes would die out. Enshrining the veto in law makes it much less likely than they will, and it also introduces an unmistakable element of gender discrimination into the law. That will confront parliament (which also must approve the law) with quite a tricky problem.
To give parishes the legal right to choose their bishops is wholly incompatible with the way the Church of England has always worked before, so it's a nice irony that it should be brought forward by "traditionalists".
More later. Laundry to fold.
Oh ... what does the ABofC have to say about it?
Nothing helpful.

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