Saturday, May 05, 2012

Super Moon Saturday

Some people will look at the moon tonight and think "What's the big deal?" But let's be honest—it's not about the moon being slightly bigger. This is about a great excuse for people all over the world to stop for a second, gaze upwards, and remember just how amazing life on this planet really is. When something as magnificent as the moon is there every night, it's easy to take it for granted and lose sight of its beauty.

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Ann said...

Thanks for this - reminds me of the childhood poem:
I see the moon
and the moon sees me
The moon sees the somebody I'd like to see.
God bless the moon
and God bless me
God bless the somebody I'd like to see!

or another version:
I see the moon the moon sees me,
the moon sees the world I want to see,
so god bless the moon,
god bless me
and god bless the world that i want to see