Friday, May 11, 2012

On Walking the Talk Before Talking the Talk

You know how sometimes there are people who we say we wish would "walk their talk?" Reflecting on President Obama's "evolution" on marriage equality it seems to me we owe him a lot of credit for "doing the walk before he got to the talk!"

DADT; refusing to defend DOMA; supporting Respect for Marriage Act, ENDA, "It Gets Better," the Hate Crimes Act, benefits for partners of federal employees ... to name a few. Am I glad he has now "evolved" on marriage equality? Of course. But the actions of the last three years speak even more loudly than the words of the last three days.

If you want a list, check it out here ... the White House page entitled "Civil Rights." (Can I get an "amen"?)

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Just Me said...

It seems pretty simple to me; he's on the campaign trail. One little statement "supporting" gay marriage and he raked in 15 million dollars. Not a bad day's work... in the world of a politician anyway.