Saturday, November 18, 2006

Fr. Jake on Ft. Worth

This is one of those Saturday's that started with LEM training at 8 a.m. and will end with an 80th birthday party for a Parish Council member -- with three other meetings and a 5:00 Family Eucharist in between -- so I have been only sporadically and briefly checking in on "As the Anglican World Turns." Happily, Fr. Jake has been keeping track of what's going on in the Fort Worth "corner of the kingdom": From Fr. Jake Stops the World

Fort Worth Allows Parishes to Leave the Network

The Diocese of Fort Worth is holding their Annual Convention. Fr. Cantrell is informing us of their decisions. The text of the four proposed resolutions can be found here. What I found particularly interesting was Resolution 3, which reads, in part:

Resolved, this convention make provision for those Episcopalians in this diocese who wish to withdraw their membership from The Network of Anglican Dioceses and Parishes and to accede to the authority of the General Convention of The Episcopal Church...

Read it all here.

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