Tuesday, November 07, 2006

More Reflections on The Investiture

OK ... I'll admit it ... I'm not quite ready to "let it go" yet. The symbolic "passing of the mantle of leadership" represented by this photo of +Frank passing the crozier to +Katharine (and did I imagine it or did +Frank's voice break a bit as he prayed God's blessing on the new Primate?) was such a moment of grace and power and hope that I'm planning to wallow just a bit more.

So here are some other reflections I've read and been moved by in continued celebration of a grand, grand day ... and a time of new beginnings. I plan to continue to enjoy them ... as I get back to the "real world" of acolyte, usher and LEM trainings, vestry agendas and preaching schedules!

Home is where the heart is -- by Elizabeth Kaeton

The eye of the beholder -- by Mark Harris

Meeting her public -- by Jim Naughton

Hope has come home -- by Katie Sherrod

She has done marvelous things -- by Sara McGinley


Tony Seel said...

I went over to one of the sites that you linked and found this about the service, as compared to General Convention: "Except, this time, all the crabby, disagreeable relatives stayed home."

I keep coming back to your sites so that I can learn your inclusive love. I have learned more than you can ever know.

Ann said...

Actually it is a Primatial Staff not a crozier - would not be herding any sheep with it anyway. My thoughts are at my blog and some links to more photos.



Welcome back. I had precisely the same thought, actually: that attending the Investiture was like a big family reunion where --for once -- all the crabby cousins stayed home and everyone there was there for the same reason: to celebrate the ties that bind us and look forward to the future together.

Now, that doesn't mean we don't still love the cousins. Doesn't mean we don't miss them. Doesn't mean they're not part of the family. Just means that it was a relief to be able to be hopeful, joyful and grateful together.

To take a page out of ya'lls book, I think it's a "love the crabby but hate the crabbiness" thing. Inclusive love means you're welcome -- whether you're crabby or not.

Like I said: welcome back!

Caminante said...

Yes, PB FG's voice did crack as he handed over the primatial staff. It doesn't much matter; I was in tears at that point.

There are a few reflections and photos on the investiture at my blog.

For more photos, too, go to
www.dioceseofvermont.org and follow the link to investiture.