Monday, November 13, 2006

News & Notes

It has been very busy in the All Saints Church "corner of the Kingdom" so all my writing, thinking and strategizing energy has been going into usher/LEM training schedules, Advent service planning and teaching church history to teenagers! This has left precious little time for web wallowing. However, here are a few "recommended reading/viewing" links that either informed, amused or encouraged me over the last few days:

Political Stuff:

Irene Monroe's wonderful essay "Foley's Folly and Republican Lust for Power" -- reflections on "the house that homophobia built for the Republicans" in Witness Magazine (the publication speaking truth to power since 1917!)

Arianna Huffington's blog on Jack Murtha (My nomination for best soundbite: I strongly urge House Dems to remember why they're even picking a Majority Leader in the first place. If it weren't for Jack Murtha, they'd be voting for Minority Leader.) And, I am very pleased to share, Ms. Huffington will be speaking at All Saints Church on Sunday, December 3rd in our Rector's Forum.

And Freedom -- a visual celebration and review of all that was at stake in last week's elections forwarded to me this morning by Jim White.

Church Stuff:

Tobias Haller's wonderful update of the Screwtape Letters ... Screwtape to Wormwood, 2006 ... (a favorite quote: Just a bit of avuncular advice as you continue your work: by all means keep them focused on themselves, and on institutional questions — Who Gets to Be In Power.)

I loved Mark Harris's Snotty Remarks to the Contrary ... which aptly makes Haller's point outlining the current state of the power struggle being driven by those continuing to insist that something called "Alternative Primatial Oversight" exists somewhere other than in their imaginations.

A little canine stuff:

There's Harvey's Bad-to-Worse-to-Worse Day over at Harvey & Luna and

Finally, some Historical Stuff:

If you haven't had quite enough liturgical pomp and circumstance you can check out The 1947 Investiture of 20th Presiding Bishop Henry Knox Sherrill on You Tube (Thanks to Cynthia Black for finding this one!) and compare it to another You Tube piece: the 26th Presiding Bishop's address following her election in the House of Deputies

And now, onto work on a sermon for the kids on Saturday and a report for the vestry tomorrow!

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