Wednesday, November 15, 2006

On Baseball and Broadway and Turning the World Upside Down for the Better

A sermon I preached a couple of weeks ago that finally made it up online to link to so I did:

I don’t know if the fact that my father was originally from New York had anything to do with it but when I think back to my childhood I remember two major cultural influences: Baseball and Broadway. A diehard Dodger fan, my father considered it a sign of the essential goodness of creation that the Brooklyn Bums came west to Los Angeles not long after he did – and my childhood summers began with the first Vin-Scully-Spring Training broadcast from Vero Beach and ended with the last out in the last inning of the last game of the season – the later in October the better!

Some seasons were better than others but we were there through thick and thin: sometimes in seats at Chavez Ravine but more often listening to Vinny, Jerry and the Boys in Blue through the speaker my father had wired from the living room hi-fi out to the umbrella over our patio table. A lot of my childhood lessons I remember from my father were baseball connected, including: "You win some and you lose some but you always dress out for the game."

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