Monday, January 15, 2007

Good Tidings from Bethlehem!

Paul Marshall, Bishop of Bethlehem, has written a grand reflection which, as I understand it, was originally intended for his episco-sibs in the House of Bishops. He has, however, graciously given permission to be more widely distributed and Jim Naughton has it posted over on Daily Episcopalian (link below).

So let us give thanks ... for the bishop's generous spirit and for his willingness to step up and do what the subtitle of his reflections recommends -- make sure the obvious gets said -- by asking the following question:

Postscript -- Lots of commenting going on on this one (no surprise!), including:
Mad Priest, who not only offered an early post of Bishop Marshall's letter but then some understandable glee at having "scooped" the ever-on-top-of-things-Episcopal Ruth Gledhill and THEN an appropriately sulky rant at having Daily Episcopalian get first-release credit!
Mark Harris has, as always, insightful observations over at PREDLUDIUM and Thinking Anglicans is, well, "thoughtful" as always.
Bishop Marshall has, of course, drawn the ire of the titusonenineites and Stand Firmites (who picked up Gledhill's charming headline "TEC Bishop Savages Archbishop Williams." Come on, Greg -- what ya'll do over there is "savage" people ... remember "the beatings will continue until morale improves"? How's that working for you?)


MadPriest said...

et tu brute

Ann said...

Mad Priest had it up hours before Daily Episcopalian and Ruth Gledhill (who calls the famous Paul Marshall - "fringe bishop"). Just giving credit to the Mad One!!