Friday, October 12, 2007

Dallas News: BE WHO YOU ARE

From today's Dallas News ... a profile entitled "Spirit and Truth: Gene Robinson on Faith, Family and the Future of Christianity."

I couldn't figure out how to cut & paste the text of the article but is this picture of +Gene with his folks worth a thousand words or what????


David said...

Susan+ please allow me to repeat myself- yet again: THANK GOD FOR THE GIFT OF +GENE ROBINSON TO OUR CHURCH IN THIS TIME
and Thank God for the honest courage and grace of Imogene, Victor Robinson & Mark Andrew.
Might I suggest one giant cyber-hug for these four lives of radiant faith?
As +Gene so astutely points out we're only discussing the timing of what, through the living grace of Jesus Christ is inevitable.
Thank God!


Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Perfect. Just what this world needs right now: a large display of traditional family values.

Anonymous said...

Splendid article, and lovely picture - can hardly wait until next week when that movie For The Bible Tells Me So gets to town.


Anonymous said...

Susan+, who paid for this advertizing insert? Are they doing the insert nationwide? The whole thing is an advert., btw, as one can gather by going to the Dallas MN website.

Thank you, whoever did it.