Friday, October 26, 2007

A New Bishop-elect for Maine

On Friday, October 26, 2007, the 188th Annual Convention of the Diocese of Maine elected The Rev. Canon Stephen Lane Bishop Coadjutor on the first ballot.
Congratulations ...
to Canon Lane AND to the Diocese of Maine!


Michael Hartney said...

We shall miss Stephen in the Diocese of Rochester. But the House of Bishops will be all the stronger with another Bishop like him. We all of our GC 06 Deputies he voted 'no' on B033.

Michael Hartney said...


Would you correct my comment to read: "With all of our GC 06 Deputies he voted "no" on B033."

Somehow 'with' got changed to 'we.'


RonF said...

Meanwhile we have the election for the Bishop of Chicago coming up in a couple of weekends. I went to a presentation of the candidates last Friday night. All 8 were present at the Church of the Transfiguration in Palos Hills (or was it Palos Park?). They've been doing this all week. The format was that we all gathered in the sanctuary and listened to each one of them do a 2-3 minute introduction. Then we were broken up into 4 groups. The candidates were then brought into each room, one at a time, for 20 minutes to answer questions that had been written out and handed in to a moderator. Thus, each candidate got a 20 minute break between each Q&A.

They're all fine people. But, it takes more than being a fine person to make an effective bishop. After listening to them all I've decided that there is one that I definitely will vote for; I think that person would make an excellent Bishop for Chicago and bring to us what we need to move forward. If that person doesn't get voted in, there's one other that I could see supporting. After I think that the presence of the qualities in the candidates that I think will make them a good bishop for our Diocese falls off.

Sorry for being non-specific - this isn't a political election, and I think I shouldn't committ completely before the convention. Besides, something might come up.

It might be of interest to you all that during her introduction, Rev. Tracy Lind talked about "Given the recent support of B033 by the HoB, why am I here?" What she said was (I paraphrase), "I felt the call, your Nominating Committee nominated me, so here I am." I only talked to a couple of other people there, so I don't feel confident in reporting any sense of the group on that; or, frankly, any other question.