Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Leaving on a jet plane ....

A quick note from LAX where I'm waiting to fly to Rochester via Chicago ... blogging will be sporadic for the next week as I'm at the Integrity Board meeting through Saturday and then heading to London for meetings with Anglican LGBT allies and at the Anglican Communion Office regarding Lambeth, the Listening Process, et al.

I certainly expect to post some updates ... and maybe even some photos ... along the way ... but travel and public internet access being what it is we'll see how it goes.

Prayers invited for safe travel and productive meetings for all involved.

Hasta la later!


Jim said...

Prayers for your safety and success ascending.

As we Rom say as we travel: Luck in the shadows!


Anonymous said...


Safe travels for you and the rest of Integrity for the Board meeting.

One thing which would be interested to is what pastoral responses to GLBT folks are currently in place in various parishes/dioceses here in TEC and the rest of the Communion? Has any fruit come of the listening process at all?

Thanks very much.

the Reverend boy


Safe and sound in Rochester ... I particularly appreciate jimB's "luck in the shadows" wishes ... if you REALLY want to see shadows check out what a slow news day it is over at "Stand Firm" that my travel agenda is a source of consternation ... and yet another excuse to speculate on other people's sex lives.

Methinks one needs more than luck in THOSE dark shadows!

Night night!