Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A few more notes from London ...

It was quite the full day yesterday of meetings ... at the Anglican Communion Office (where I think we all got a much better understanding of the nuts & bolts of the planning process toward Lambeth Conference) and with allies from Inclusive Church (sort of a CofE "Claiming the Blessing" collaborative "working to break down the barriers to full inclusion at all levels of the Anglican Communion.")

Today is lunch with the Changing Attitude UK leadership and then dinner with the folks from LGCM (Lesbian Gay Christian Movement) ... and then home again, home again, jiggity jig (in time, for those still keeping track of our "Windsor Compliance," for the blessing of the union of Bruno & Jerry at All Saints Church, Pasadena on Saturday afternoon.)

A more "reflective" piece to come once all this meeting and greeting is behind us ... for the moment here are a few pictures from yesterday before I head back town into the London Tube for another day of "minding the gap" ... more on that later!


Here we are (we being me, Caro Hall (Integrity Board) & Colin Coward (Changing Attitude UK) arriving at the Anglican Communion Office's "St. Andrew's House" in London ...

As the posters illustrate, plans are well underway for Lambeth Conference -- focused on enabling Anglican Bishops to lead the church in living out God's mission on earth.

Finally, here's a close up of the plaque inside the entrance doors:

("This entrance is given by the Rt. Rev'd J. Jon Bruno,
his colleague Bishops and the Diocese of Los Angeles, USA")

Kind of made me feel right at home!

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