Sunday, March 01, 2009

The Great Aloha Run

It's called "the Great Aloha Run" and the local news describes it as a "8.15-mile road race, the largest participatory fundraising activity in Hawaii, raising money for charitable organizations while promoting health and fitness."

Anyway, there's Jamie ... second from the left with the blue line pointing to him ... carrying, he tells me, a flag of some sort or the other. And this photo was from the front page of the local paper coverage of the February 16th event. Go, Jamie!



Two Auntees said...

Probable the flag that Jamie is carrying is called the 'Guide-on' or unit standard/flag.

Марко Фризия said...

I was in the U.S. Army. Yup, that is a "guide-on." When you run with one of those, they can get to be a little on the heavy side after a few miles. And it is considered a real honor to be selected by the commander to carry to guide-on (and the soldier, in addition to being honorable has to be in excellent physical shape to run with the guide-on). You are the mom of a totally squared-away soldier!