Monday, March 07, 2011

40 Years in the Wilderness Is Long Enough!

Listen to the witness of Derence Kernek and Ed Watson ... together for FORTY YEARS and hoping to get married before Alzheimer's robs them of the time they have left. As Ed Watson poignantly says about this video provided by the Courage Campaign, "If the California Supreme Court is going take its time then we deserve the dignity of marriage ... before I can't remember what marriage is."

So watch their witness ... and then join me in writing to the 9th Circut Court and urging them to give up discrimination ... not just for Lent but for good.


susankay said...

My father wrote, as he was slipping into Alzheimers, about how much he loved my mother -- my parents love WAS NO DIFFERENT than theirs -- how DARE anyone deny their right to marriage. I am crying now. Dear God, let them have the marriage they so desire.

Lindy said...

That makes me furious.