Saturday, March 05, 2011

Sometimes sermons are like children and end up having annoying minds of their own

I love the preaching part of my job description, and one of the advantages to being on a multi-clergy staff is time to really think, pray, reflect and "cook" a sermon because there's lots of lectionary lead time. Which ... you would think ... would mean there would be nothing left to do the Saturday before the Sunday you preach since you've had all that time to prepare.


What I find ... over and over again and am finding as-a-case-in-point this week ... is that like best laid plans, best laid sermons can rise up and change their minds about what they want to say and where they want to go in a very inconvenient way. And so today ... which is a BEAUTIFUL day in the neighborhood ... with the temperature where it belongs (in the 70's) and the rain back where it belongs (somewhere else) ... I'm on the porch on Saturday morning with the laptop trying to figure out where we're going to end up with this one before 7:30 tomorrow morning.

Did I mention I love the preaching part of my job description?

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