Tuesday, March 01, 2011

California Attorney General Steps Up on Prop 8

California Attorney General Kamala Harris today responded to Eric Holder's February 23rd assertion that the administration now considers any government discrimination based on sexual orientation to be constitutionally suspect.

"While it lacks the force of law, Attorney General Holder's reasoned analysis is entitled to consideration," Harris told the appeals court. Every day that Prop. 8 remains in effect, she said, "justice has been denied" -- invoking the famous statement from Martin Luther King, Jr. that "justice delayed is justice denied."

"For 846 days Proposition 8 has denied equality under law to gay and lesbian couples," Harris told the court. "Each and every one of those days, same-sex couples have been denied their right to convene loved ones and friends to celebrate marriages sanctioned and protected by California law."

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JCF said...

Thank you, AG Harris!

[And . . . for being So Easy on The Eyes. ;-)]