Friday, August 26, 2011

Anglican Orthodites Pray for "Evangelistic Hurricane"

Checking my email over lunch with a particular eye on all our friends, family and colleagues in the path of Hurricane Irene, I canNOT resist sharing this latest bit from the American Anglican Council in their weekly email.
We are asking that the kingdom of God would advance into the consciousness of backslidden Christians, atheists and sinners. Lord, let this be an evangelistic hurricane. Let it stimulate Wall Street to cry to You. Father, we ask for this storm to be instrumental in igniting a prayer movement on the East Coast.
I. Could. Not. Make. This. Up.

Yes indeedy. That's JUST how God works, doncha think? Bringin' people to Jesus one hurricane at a time. Honest to freakin' Pete ... if it wasn't for the work and witness of saints-in-light like Pam Chinnis it would be enough to make you think about turning in your Christian Card.

So here's my prayer:
I pray that the power of God's love would advance into the consciousness of ALL in harm's way. Holy God, surround all in danger with the power of your love and embrace all who are anxious with the power of your grace. We ask not only for safety in this approaching storm, but for an increased recognition that we are all members of your beloved human family and a renewed commitment to your call to live out your values of love, justice and compassion.


Evan said...

Who in the name of all that is holy are the American Anglican Council (or do I want to know the answer to that question)?


Go pray for those in harm's way this night, LG. We're not "biting" tonight, no matter how tempting the bait.

Jim Donovan said...

I'm writing a paper on the current effects of the Great Awakening for ESM. Thanks for the article. Some things never change
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